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Casale Paradiso Porchini Mushroom Risotto

Casale Paradiso Porchini Mushroom Risotto

Casale Paradiso

Product code: RSM1

Size: 300 gr.

Flavoured with Porcini mushrooms for a distinctive and luxurious flavour and pungent aroma this risotto mix uses Italian Carnaroli rice to give a really creamy texture. Enjoy this classic dish simply dressed with the best Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil.


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Create a delicious, authentic tasting Italian Porcini risotto in just 20 minutes with this luxurious risotto mix from Casale Paradiso. The Carnaroli rice is flavoured with aromatic Porcini mushrooms for a creamy risotto that tastes amazing. Enjoy on it's own or serve with grilled fish or meat.