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Truffle Pig White Truffle Oil 250 ml

Truffle Pig White Truffle Oil 250 ml

Truffle Pig

Product code: FO34

Size: 250 ml

Premium white truffle oil, this super concentrated White Truffle oil is twice the strength of standard oils and is as decadent as it is intense in flavour. Made with the finest white truffles and extra virgin olive oil, this product is favoured by top dining establishments worldwide and your kitchen!


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Truffle oil adds a touch of luxury to everyday dishes without the cost or hassle of sourcing fresh truffles. It's a finishing oil not a cooking oil, (exposing it to high temperature affects the flavour) so remember to only add it at the end of cooking for the best results.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive oil, white truffles and white truffle flavour.