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Ten truffle oil recipe ideas you'll want to try!

Truffle oil adds a touch of luxury to everyday dishes without the cost or hassle of sourcing fresh truffles. It's a finishing oil not a cooking oil, (exposing it to a high heat will ruin the flavour) so remember to only add it at the end of cooking for the best results. Here are ten decadent ways to make the most of this store cupboard foodie essential:



Drizzling truffle oil over a cooked mushroom pizza will elevate the flavour of even shop bought pizza to a delicious Italian treat - bellissima!
Salad dressing:
Use a couple of teaspoons in a classic vinaigrette for salads containing mushrooms, hard cheeses or cured meat to intensify the flavours.
Scrambled egg:
For a truly sumptuous breakfast experience drizzle your buttery scrambled eggs with a little truffle oil.
Beef Carpaccio:
Rare beef thinly sliced and strewn with rocket leaves, parmesan shavings, lemon juice and truffle oil - food of the gods!
Posh popcorn:
Toss still-hot freshly popped popcorn with a few teaspoons of truffle oil, a handful of finely grated parmesan and a generous twist of black pepper for a sophisticated snack.
Truffle mash:
Mix a tablespoon or two of truffle oil into your mashed potatoes for a delicious fragrant mash that is perfect with panfried fish or chicken, drizzle a little more oil over the finished plate for a more intense flavour. 
Macaroni cheese:
Make your cheese sauce as usual and add a couple of tablespoons of truffle oil when you stir in the cooked pasta. Top with parmesan and breadcrumbs and grill to get the all-important crispy top.
Finish soups the luxury way with a drizzle of golden truffle oil, we especially recommend it for use on mushroom, white bean, squash, pumpkin and creamy potato soups.
Drizzle over steamed asparagus for a flavour sensation - add a poached egg and some new potatoes for a delicious light lunch.
Honey and cheese:
Make a plate of heaven by drizzling sliced hard goats cheese or pecorino with honey and truffle oil. Add fresh pear or fig if you like and serve as a decadent cheese course to round off a meal.
Choose from Truffle Pig Black Truffle Oil or Truffle Pig White truffle oil (£11.99) from Truffle Pig. We also stock truffle infused vinegar and ready-to-cook truffle risotto so you can treat yourself to the unique and delicious flavour of the elusive truffle straight from your store cupboard anytime you like!

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