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Welcome to the Food HQ blog!


We're going to be updating regularly with lots of foodie articles to inspire and delight. There'll be plenty of recipes created and tested by our team and guaranteed to be super-easy to make as well as super-delicious. We'll be behind the scenes with some of our suppliers to give you the inside story tracing our products from field to shelf and finding out about the people behind the brands.

We'll also be keeping on top of the latest weird and wonderful food trends, doing blind taste tests, reviewing some of our products, running reader offers, speaking to professional foodie types and much more...keep up with new posts by subscribing, or follow us on twitter for updates and offers you won't want to miss!

The FoodHQ Team

Autumn is here, time for some tasty menus...
Autumn has certainly arrived in the past few weeks bringing with it thoughts of steaming casseroles, warming soups and rich, hearty flavours. We're enjoying trawling through our cook books to rediscover... More »

Greek Mountain Tea is here!
We're very excited to have our new Greek tea arrive in the office this week. What is there not to like about this brew of naturally caffeine free herbs. Literally 'tea... More »

Ten truffle oil recipe ideas you'll want to try!
Truffle oil adds a touch of luxury to everyday dishes without the cost or hassle of sourcing fresh truffles. It's a finishing oil not a cooking oil, (exposing it to a... More »

Fancy some Vincotto with that?
Vincotto. What on earth is that? I hear you ask. Well it's the most exciting new ingredient to hit my kitchen in ages! Once you get your hands (and taste buds)... More »

Orzo pasta, chicken and pesto salad
Ingredients (serves 2) : 2 small courgettes a sliced raw chicken breast 6 tbsp garlic oil (or Extra Virgin Olive Oil and a crushed garlic clove) 150g orzo pasta (dry weight) 150g fresh pesto (bought or... More »

Mediterranean picnic loaf
It's the time of year for picnics, but if you are tired of sandwiches that often end up dry or soggy and salad dishes that are awkward to eat without plates... More »

Lebanese green bean salad
This salad may not be the most beautiful dish, but I promise you that it's one of my favourites and what it lacks in looks, it more than makes up for... More »

Let's talk about olives!
Olives come in many colours and sizes with different varieties, levels of ripeness and processing techniques giving very different flavours and textures. A perfect eating olive may not be great for making... More »

Mango marinaded salmon wraps
This quick and tasty meal is great for summer evenings, cook the salmon on the BBQ for an extra smokiness or take the easy option and pan sear instead. As well... More »

Italian biscotti made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil is deliciously fruity and great in baking as well as savoury dishes. This tasty recipe has an authentic Italian flavour with a peppery edge from the... More »

Flavoured risotto - mix it up!
Our ranges of flavoured risottos are a fantastic standby to have in the cupboard - a splash of wine, a stock cube, a knob of butter and perhaps a sprinkle of... More »

The UK says 'yes' to seasonal eating
With fast access to food from all over the world in all our supermarkets it's easy to think that the UK has forgotten the traditional seasons for our home produced food,... More »

Dukkah spiced olive flatbreads
Flat breads are so quick and easy to make - no yeast to worry about, just a few simple ingredients and a whole world of flavouring possibilities! These are inspired by... More »

Ten of the best UK food festivals
Here's our pick of the UK food festivals planned for 2014. Food festivals are a great way to meet producers and try some of the best produce from your local area.... More »

Italian apple cake made with olive oil
Inspired by traditional Greek and Italian recipes that use Extra Virgin Olive oil instead of butter in the mixture this delicious cake is light and moist. It's the sort of cake... More »

Five holidays for food lovers
For me food is a big part of any holiday, I cant help but feel it would be a crime to visit anywhere without immersing yourself in the tastes of the... More »

Five ideas for a perfect Valentine's date night dinner
If you don't fancy spending Valentine's night with as many other couples as the restaurant could pack in, paying more money for a menu with less choice, you could always create... More »

Extra Virgin Olive Oil - because you're worth it!
Extra Virgin Olive oil is a little more expensive than standard olive oil or vegetable oils but it's so worth it! Extra Virgin means it's made from the first pressing of fresh, ripe... More »

Sour cranberry sauce with sparkle!
Traditional cranberry sauce is often very sweet and doesn't really taste of the super-sour cranberry at all. If you are after a cranberry sauce with a bit more oomph to liven... More »

Christmas stocking fillers for the foodie in your life!
Christmas stockings are not just for children! Surprise a partner, friend or parent with a foodie stocking stuffed with treats and useful kitchen bits that will make them smile on Christmas... More »

Brand new for Christmas 2013 - our beautiful selection of gift hampers
We've created a range of gorgeous festive hampers full of delicious goodies that make ideal gifts for your food-loving friends this Christmas. Each hamper is hand picked and packed to make... More »

Competition time! Hot chilli prizes for Fireworks on your tongue!
It's competition time again and this time we've put together a bundle of our fiery chilli favourites to spice up your recipes this autumn! The prize bundle includes: Piri Piri preserved... More »

Waste not, want not - leftovers to look forward to!
Sometimes leftovers can taste better than the original meal! Make one meal go further with recipes that make yesterday's trash into today's treasure. Here are a few ideas and a fabulous recipe that... More »

Five of the best...oil pourers
Olive oil pourers make using oil easy and look pretty in the kitchen too. They are also perfect if you bulk buy olive oil as it means you can decant a bit at... More »

Autumn Orzo pasta with mushrooms and truffle oil
This pasta dish flavoured with truffle and mushrooms is perfect for autumn. Orzo pasta is shaped like grains of rice, this recipe is a little like risotto but the Orzo retains... More »

Tasty, flavoursome and delicious marrow recipes - yes really!
Whether the beautiful stripy marrows at the market seduce you or you come home one day to find a monster marrow where just yesterday there was a svelte courgette growing, cooking... More »

Competition time! Win a Black Dog Deli bundle!
To celebrate the launch of our Black Dog Deli range we're going to give away a collection of five delicious Black Dog products to one lucky winner! To enter the competition... More »

Introducing the NEW Black Dog Delicatessen Range!
We're so excited to be launching our new Black Dog Delicatessen Range! The range takes a selection of our favourite products from across the world, and rebrands them under the all new Black... More »

Summer nights: Spanish tapas
If you've been to Spain you'll no doubt have experienced 'tapas', a selection of small dishes, snacks almost, to be shared and enjoyed. It's such an exciting way to explore the local cuisine,... More »

'Briam': Intensely delicious Greek baked vegetables
Briam is a baked ratatouille from Greece that I was reminded of recently whilst watching reruns of Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes on cable TV. It's such a great summer dish, ideal as a side... More »

A quick and easy mid-week supper: Cod Bruschetta
Casale Paradiso Bruschetta topping is a mix of dried tomatoes seasoned with oregano, chilli, garlic and basil. To use you simply add olive oil and a little water and fry for... More »

Five of the best: Salad dressings
Put your salads centre stage this summer with our delicious salad dressings. Our top tip is to put all the ingredients in a jar and shake well to mix. Any leftover... More »

Tasting & Testing: White wine vinegars
Everyone has some 'white wine vinegar' in the cupboard. It's the perfect ingredient to make a classic French dressing. Depending on which one you use the crisp acidity may prevent you being able... More »

Cooking the Cretan Way
At FoodHQ, we keep our love of Mediterranean cooking in the family! My father lives in Crete for a portion of the year and wrote this piece for the local newspaper,... More »

Will Extra Virgin Olive Oil be off the menu in 2013?
Rising prices forecast as stocks run low. You may have heard or read about the impending Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'crisis'. It is all due to a terrible year for Spanish olive growers where... More »

A rapeseed revolution?
Whilst it's still very much the new kid on the block, Extra Virgin Rapeseed oil is proving to be a very credible alternative to Extra Virgin Olive oil. It has lower levels of saturated... More »

Paccheri pasta with spinach and ricotta
Take advantage of the interesting shape of this Paccheri pasta to create a pasta bake with a bit more finesse. The large tubes are stuffed with a suitably garlicky spinach filling and baked... More »

Olives: a marination sensation!
Did you know that it's incredibly easy to marinate your own olives? The possibilities are endless and you can transform a basic tin of olives in brine to make a perfect snack or appetizer.... More »

Hot Cross Bread and Butter Pudding
Make this pudding as a delicious Easter treat for your family. It's also perfect for any Easter entertaining and can be made in advance, refrigerated and then reheated as required. It's a great way... More »

Tips for bulk buying, storing and using Extra Virgin Olive Oil
If you use a lot of Extra Virgin Olive oil you might find it cheaper and more convenient to buy your basic everyday version in a large five litre tin. At first... More »

Balsamic vinegar - the good, the bad and the ugly!
Balsamic vinegar has pretty much become a store cupboard staple in the UK. Whether it's mixed with olive oil as a dip, or drizzled over tomato salad, the distinctive colour and tangy flavour... More »

Nuts about nut oils!
The range of nut and seed oils available has increased so much in recent years. The flavours and health benefits of newcomers like rapeseed oil are becoming well known, and the use of... More »

A Valentines menu to fall in love with!
Surprise the love of your life with a restaurant quality Valentines meal in the comfort of your own home. You don't have to be an experienced cook, it doesn't have to take all... More »

Pancake day! Flip out this year with exciting new toppings...
Pancake day is a great excuse to get in the kitchen and cook up some tasty treats for your friends and family. Traditional toppings of lemon juice and sugar or chocolate sauce will... More »

Five Top Tips for the Perfect Risotto
Risotto is a popular dish in homes and restaurants across the UK, but sadly it often fails to live up to the creamy, flavoursome, authentically Italian dish you'd hoped for. Here are five... More »

Making Life Sweeter - the Magical Medicinal Properties of Manuka Honey
You might have already heard of Manuka honey. It's becoming well known for it's anti-bacterial properties and is now endorsed by increasing numbers of people who range from individuals seeking... More »

Healthy and tasty! Five 100 calories snack ideas you'll love.
So it's January again - New Years Resolutions ringing in our ears and tins of Quality Street, mince pies and festive drinking straining at our waistbands! But being healthy or dieting... More »

Boost your Omega 3 intake the easy way!
Omega oils or 'essential fatty acids' (EFAs) have been well publicised in recent years as part of a healthy diet. EFAs are important for maintaining and preserving good general health. They are... More »

Canapes and Cocktails: Ideas for Christmas and New Year Entertaining
Having friends, family or colleagues over for a Christmas drink doesn't need to be stressful! Be prepared with a range of soft drinks, wine and beer and plenty of crisps, nuts and olives... More »

The Ultimate Guide to Gourmet Christmas Gifts - whatever your budget!
Treat your friends and family to some foodie gifts this Christmas! We've got ideas for any taste or budget so cram these goodies under the tree for a delicious festive... More »

Cavatelli with Venison Sausage Sauce Serves 3-4 as a main course
This recipe was inspired by the delicious game and wild boar recipes popular in Southern Italy. Since it's not easy to get your hands on wild boar sausages in the UK... More »

Slow Cooked Balsamic Lamb Shanks
When the nights are drawing in and the nip of autumn is in the air it's natural to want to sit down to heart warming wintery dishes, but sometimes it's hard... More »

Natural beauty...straight from the pantry?
We all know that good quality ingredients make great tasting dishes and some of them like Manuka honey and oils rich in Omega oils and antioxidants even offer proven health... More »

Halloween Pumpkin Soup
Pumpkin soup always seems like a good idea around Halloween - the shops are full of them and a cauldron of pumpkin soup is just the thing to serve up at your Halloween... More »

Tasting & Testing : Extra Virgin Olive Oil
You might think Extra Virgin Olive oils are much of a muchness in flavour, all suitable in any recipe or to accompany any ingredients...if so I'm afraid you'd be wrong. Extra Virgin... More »

Fish with Fennel, Tomatoes and Courgettes
This little potato recipe is an easy one, but delicious nonetheless. It's brilliant with any kind of dish that has a good sauce, try it with fish with fennel, tomatoes and courgettes - fantastic!... More »

New in Stock...3 Star Great Taste Award Winning Oil from Cortijo de Suerte Alta
We've unpacked our first delivery of a new extra virgin olive oil to the FoodHQ collection this week. The Coupage Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of only three oils this year to... More »

FoodHQ in the News
We've enjoyed some great coverage since the launch of the new site including a piece in Red Magazine and also a feature on the Somerset Food and Drink website. Even better... More »

Delicious Shortcuts for Faster Flavour...
Here at Food HQ we love a good TV cookery show so we were excited to see that the lovely Nigella is back on our screens with her new series Nigellissima. The great... More »

New in Stock..Award Winning Cullisse Rapeseed Oil
We're delighted to be adding Cullisse Rapeseed Oil to our family of Nut and Seed Oils this week. Beautiful packaging and an even better taste! Cullisse Rapeseed Oil hails from the highlands... More »

Red Pepper Tart with Parsley and Caper Dressing
Capers are a fantastic 'secret' ingredient for adding that special zing to a dish. Keen foodie and cook, Ena Locke sent us this fabulous recipe which combines the rich taste of... More »

Farfalle Pasta with Bacon and Peas
Thank you to Duncan for sending in one of his favourite recipes: Farfalle Pasta with Bacon and Peas. We're huge fans of fabulous pasta dishes in the office and this one... More »

Carrot Cake Muffins
Great British Carrot Cupcakes With team GB doing so well in the 2012 Olympics everyone is feeling more patriotic than usual so how about making these 100% British carrot cupcakes using Hill... More »

Extra Virgin Olive Oil tastes great and it's good for you too.....
At a time when we are all so very aware of the good and bad fats present in our diets, it is reassuring to be able to look at a product which... More »